Until I was 8/9 years old I enjoyed a very beautiful and educational childhood in a small village in Italy. I've tried almost every possible kind of sport, appreciated the time growing up with my grandparents, and made friends for life.

It was then when my brother first started playing Basketball that I first came in touch with this sport. I loved it and I realized quickly that I had found something I wanted to invest more time and energy in. So, shortly after joining the Team in "Eremo", a slightly bigger townlet not far from home, my brother and I already had bigger plans. We wanted to spend the rest of our youth growing in a place that had something to offer us for the future ... and soon enough we moved to Munich, Germany. Thanks to our parents, whom we are so grateful for leaving everything behind and go through all challenges with us, the two of us found a spot in school as well as in sports. We started our journey at FC Bayern Basketball. For almost 10 years I put everything I got into getting better and achieving more. A time that taught me many important lessons for life and to which I therefore owe a lot.

After I passed my A-levels, I decided to put my focus on my athletic career for a year ... but then came one injury after another, COVID-19 broke out and so I made the decision to leave the humbling and instructive time behind me and to concentrate on other things from now on. So, today I am a student at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University and I am enrolled in a double-major in Computer Science and Economics with a high interest in probabilities, analytical thinking and problem-solving.


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